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European Nationals and family members
EEA Registration Certificate

A registration certificate is a document confirming an EEA national’s right of residence under European Community law.


EEA Residence Card 

Residence cards confirm a person’s right of residence under European Law. They are issued to the family members of EEA or Swiss nationals who are not themselves EEA nationals.    


Permanent Residence 

European national applicants can apply for permanent residence after they have completed five continuous years of residence in the UK in accordance with EEA Regulations 2006.


Worker Registration Scheme

Members of Accession 8 countries that joined the European Union on 1st May will need to register under the Worker Registration Scheme to work for an employer in the UK for more than a month.


Family member residence stamps 

Family member of   the Accession 8 countries can apply for a family member residence stamp  to confirm their right of residence under European Union law.


Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Since 1st January 2007, applicants from Bulgaria and Romania are able to reside in the UK as European Economic Area (EEA) nationals without the need to obtain prior entry clearance or leave to remain. However, those applicants who wish to work in the UK will need to obtain prior authorisation first by obtaining either a visa, card or certificate.


Retention of the Rights of Residence 

Non EEA national spouses/partners may be able to retain their rights under EEA law on the death, departure, divorce or annulment of their marriage.
EEA family permit _ VAF5
If the  family members are not EEA or Swiss nationals and they are coming to live with thier EEA Nationals on a long-term basis, they will need to apply for an EEA family permit before coming to the UK.


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