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Indefinite Leave To Remain In the UK
Indefinite leave to remain or enter on a spouse/civil partner visa
Applicants who have completed a two years probationary period in the UK may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remainalso known as settlement or permanent residence. However, in certain circumstances, applicants may be able to apply for indefinite leave to enter the UK i.e. from the British entry clearance post abroad.
Settlement Protection Rout ( Indefinite Leave to Remain)
Humanitarian protection holders and refugees with five years Limited Leave to Remain must apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain along with their dependents (if applicable) if their Leave is about to expire.  Protection Rout
Permanent Residence     
European national applicants can apply for permanent residence after they have completed five continuous years of residence in the UK in accordance with EEA Regulations 2006.  
Settlement for family members of points based system migrants

Applicants who are applying to settle in the UK at the same time as their PBS migrant partner can be eligible to apply for settlement provided they meet the requisite criteria as laid out under the Immigration Rules.   

Indefinite leave to remain for a domestic worker in a private household
The domestic worker category allows applicants who are employed as a domestic workers to  visit or move with their employer when they visit or move to the United Kingdom.  
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