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Nationality_  Naturalisation as a British Citizen  
Naturalisation as a British Citizen
Applicants with permanent resident status in the UK (i.e. indefinite leave to remain) may qualify for British citizenship through Registration or Naturalisation.  
Dual Nationality
Dual nationality occurs where a person is a national of two different countries. You do not normally have to give up your current nationality to become a British citizen and nor are you likely to lose your British citizenship if you acquire another nationality. 


Right of Abode

Applicants who have a right of abode can apply to be issued with a Certificate of Entitlement to a right of abode in the UK. This will serve as proof of the applicant’s right to live and work here without being subject to any immigration restrictions.
British Passport
British passports are issued by the Identity and Passport Service

Life in the UK test

If you are applying for naturalisation as a British citizen or for indefinite leave to remain, you will need to show that you have sufficient knowledge of life in the United Kingdom. Life in the UK test   


Lost _ life in the UK Test Certificates

Applicants who have passed but subsequently lost their life in the UK test certificates should note that electronic records of the certificates are kept on the Home Office systems. Lost life in the UK test certificates
Reconsideration of naturalisation
A fee of £100 will be inaugurated by the UK Border Agency for reconsidering unsuccessful applications for naturalisation and British citizenship starting from 1 September 2010.

Nationality Case Law update

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