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Visiting the UK
General Visit Visa
Visa nationals who wish to travel tot the UK for the purposes of visiting will need to obtain prior entry clearance first. General visit visa
Business Visitors
Applicants wishing to come to the UK for the purposes of business can apply for entry clearance to enter the UK in the business visitor category. 
Student Visitor Visa
The Student Visitor category has been introduced for students / visitors who wish to take short courses of study of up to 6 months in the UK. It cannot be extended from within the UK and working is prohibited. It is also not possible for the applicant’s family to join the applicant in the UK as a dependent.
Special Visitors _ Private Medical Treatment
Applicants seeking entry to the UK on the basis of obtaining private medical treatment will need to satisfy the requirements as laid out in paragraphs 51 to 56 of the Immigration Rules.
Special Visa _ Prospective entrepreneur’s category
The above new category was recently created for applicants seeking to enter the UK in order to secure funding to set up or run a business here. Prospective entrepreneur
Family Visitor
If you want to come to the UK to visit a  family member you should apply as a family visitor.
Marriage/Civil Partner Visitors 
Applicants seeking entry to the UK for the purposes of getting married or entering into a civil partnership will need to satisfy the requirements as laid out in paragraph 56D to 56F of the Immigration Rules.  Marriage visitors
Family Visit Visa
Family visitors are defined under the Immigration Appeals (Family Visitor) Regulation 2003. They are persons who are seeking to visit someone in the UK who is related to them .Family Visit Visa
Spousal Visa
Individuals wishing to come to the UK on the basis of their relationship to a British citizen or person present and settled in the UK must apply for entry clearance to enter the UK in that capacity.  Spousal visa

Sports Visitors –  Olympic / Paralympic Games Visit visa

Applicants coming to the UK for specific events (including charity events) or tournaments as individual competitors or as members of an overseas team will require entry clearance in this capacity. Olympic Visit visa
Multiple Entry Visit Visas
If you frequently visit the United Kingdom, you can apply for a long -term multiple-entry visitor visa that is valid for 2, 5 or 10 years.  
Discretionary and Mandatory Refusal Grounds
In February 2008, new changes were initiated in respect of entry clearance applications and automatic refusals where deception or false documentation had been used were introduced. Applicants who apply for leave to enter the UK may be refused by the entry clearance officer either on discretionary or mandatory refusal grounds. These grounds are set out in paragraph 320 of the Immigration Rules.
Entry Clearance _ Law update
Entry Clearance _ Case Law update



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